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Getting the Recorder straight

More good local coverage of Goode Walks

Goode Walks Brentwood Recorder

Hot on the heels of the coverage of the Goode Walks launch in the Brentwood Gazette, the Romford Recorder and the Brentwood Recorder have also published an excellent story.

An article first went on the Romford Recorder’s website last week – followed up by a piece in the print version of the Brentwood Recorder this week… and a front page photo teaser too!

Recorder reporter Chantelle Billson went the extra mile by calling me to get extra information and quotes, which made for a much fuller and richer article.

The online version – headlined “Dad fighting leukaemia launches walking business to share ‘love of the outdoors'” – is longer and carries more detail.

But you can’t beat seeing an article in print; so it was a great surprise to see myself on the front page when going to pick up some copies in Brentwood Sainsbury’s this morning!

The online piece starts:

“A Brentwood resident has set up a walking business three years after being diagnosed with leukaemia.

“Julian Goode launched Goode Walks in a bid to pass on his “love of the outdoors” to others through leading bespoke guided walks.”

And I was happy to see these quotes picked out too:

“Julian encourages anyone facing a cancer diagnosis to “focus on the positives, “listen to your friends and family”, and “have something to hold on to”, which for him was the treatment plan and what he wanted to do after.

“My mission for Goode Walks is to help everyone I possibly can to enjoy the great outdoors – leading guided tailored walks and hikes for individuals and groups of all kinds in the Essex countryside and further afield.”

It was also very good of them to includes links to the Goode Walks website in both versions – plus mention A Really Goode Walk and include a link to my JustGiving fundraising page for Barts Charity and Anthony Nolan too.

The Romford Recorder and the Brentwood Recorder have also published an excellent story about the launch of Goode Walks


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Goode Walks Brentwood Recorder front page
Goode Walks Brentwood Recorder photo