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Health and Fitness Walks

Let Goode Walks plan your health and fitness programme
Get active, get walking

Goode Walks can help you enjoy the benefits of regular physical activity while you also enjoy the great outdoors

Being physically active is proven to keep you fit and healthy, but modern lifestyles have made it harder to include that activity in our daily lives.

To stay fit and healthy, the NHS and World Health Organisation recommend you get at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity a week, or around 20 to 30 minutes a day. Walking can play a big part in that.

If you want to walk more to help you recover from a medical condition or simply to boost your fitness and overall health, Goode Walks can help you:

A vision to get more people more active

Your 150 minutes of physical activity a week can be split up into as many short bursts as you like. You could take a 30-minute walk every weekday, or depending on your level of fitness you could book a fitness walk of an hour or two with Goode Walks. This could be part of a regular, weekly health and fitness programme for you and your group.

Lots of people took the decision to exercise more coming out of the Covid pandemic, and walking is one of the easiest ways to get fit. A brisk walk can not only help to make you feel happier, physical exercise can protect and preserve our brain health and function throughout life and can reduce the risk of major illnesses. And many studies suggest that exercise can help protect our memory as we age. Physical activity can also boost self-esteem, mood, sleep quality and our overall energy levels.

… The NHS recommend you get at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity a week - walking can play a big part in that

If you want to build your fitness, while boosting your health, over several weeks through a planned programme of bespoke walks, Goode Walks can put together a course of health and fitness walking designed just to suit you.

This could be for beginners to walking who want to start with no more than an hour at a time, to those returning to walking for whatever reason and looking to do a bit more each time. We’ll support and advise you and give you plenty of encouragement along your health and fitness walking journey!

Contact Goode Walks to outline your health and fitness walk requirements
Working with you, a bespoke plan is produced and all the pre-walk information sent to you
We meet up for a pre-walk briefing and set off to enjoy the time outdoors together
A starter fitness Walk

Walking briskly boosts your fitness levels, helping you build stamina, burn excess calories and make your heart healthier. A fitness walk designed for your pace, but to challenge you at the same time, will be faster than a stroll. Walking is simple, free and one of the easiest ways to get yourself fitter!

Walks for health

You don’t need an excuse to get out walking – but knowing it can contribute to the 150 minutes of exercise you need a week to stay healthy is a great incentive. As part of the regular activity you need, factor in a health walk and enjoy the extra benefits of being outdoors in nature.

Health and fitness programme

Walking every week, maybe over increasing distance and duration throughout the programme of walks, would be an ideal way to boost your health and fitness. For example, a course of six walks over a month and half could start with two miles in an hour, and work up to six miles over two to three hours.

Health and Fitness walks pricing

From £5-10 per person for short walks (1-2 hours) - depending on group size and location (usual maximum 12). A series of six health and fitness walks over six weeks would be from £25-50 per person. Get in touch for a bespoke quotation