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Promoting the environment
Working for a greener future

Goode Walks is working every day to look after and promote our natural environment, and minimise our impact on it. We’re out there every day, walking in it, looking at it, listening to it – and loving every aspect of it.

Goode Walks operates outdoors and understands how precious and frail it is – the outdoors and the natural environment that lots of us have taken for granted for far too long. We are passionate about combatting climate change and the nature/biodiversity crisis, and ensuring all our walkers adhere to the Leave No Trace ethos of zero impact outdoors.

Sustainability Goode Walks

Goode Walks is committed to driving sustainability and environmental awareness:

  • Goode Walks owner Julian Goode is an active member of various local climate & nature organisations such as Brentwood Climate Action (which he helped to launch in 2021, and is on the steering committee of), Essex Wildlife Trust, Essex Field Club, Essex Birdwatching Society
  • Julian is also a trained climate leader with Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project – and very happy to discuss the climate crisis and solutions to it when out walking!
  • Goode Walks tries to use public transport wherever practicable, and encourages its use from its walkers, as well as advocating car sharing
  • Goode Walks is keen to support local businesses around Brentwood where we’re based – and local business, shops, cafes and pubs etc when out and about walking across Essex, East Anglia and all over the UK. We’ll start/finish as many of our walks from these facilities as possible
  • We try to source as much of our outdoor gear as possible from companies that take sustainability seriously… we can advise you on how to do the same!
  • And we’re all about creating future sustainability champions – by eulogising about solutions to tackle the climate crisis, and how to treat the natural environment – when we’re out walking and also through everything posted on our website and our social media channels

As a qualified Leave No Trace trainer, Goode Walks owner Julian Goode is qualified to run Awareness Workshops on LNT’s Seven Principles of minimum impact practices for anyone visiting the outdoors, to our walking groups and organisations such as schools, or as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. All our walkers are asked to familiarise themselves with The Countryside Code and their responsibilities as visitors to the outdoors.

…Goode Walks operates outdoors and understands how precious and frail it is - the outdoors and the natural environment that lots of us have taken for granted for far too long

Goode Walks has signed the BEBA pledge

Goode Walks is a signatory to  the Brentwood Environmental Business Alliance Pledge – happy to join the Brentwood community of environmentally-conscious businesses and demonstrate our commitment to going green.

We’ve pledged a business commitment to minimise our carbon footprint and environmental impact:

  • adopting an environment-first approach to decisions
  • considering the life cycle when providing services
  • volunteering for local environmental initiatives
  • using the local economy to reduce carbon miles
  • using sustainable suppliers to reduce environmental impact
  • benchmarking our Carbon Footprint and seeking ways to carbon offset
  • being carbon neutral by 2040 (that’s way too late to tackle the climate emergency locally – we pledge 2030!)
  • being true zero carbon by 2050 (so’s that!)

Following sustainable outdoor practice

As a member of the Institute for Outdoor Learning, Goode Walks owner Julian Goode adheres to the IOL code of conduct:

  • being responsible for sustainable outdoor practice and care of the natural environment
  • being sensitive to the impact of outdoor operations on the local community
  • seeking to develop our own, and others’, understanding of the environment and the behaviours that can adversely affect it

And Julian also adheres to and promotes the IOL Code of Professional Conduct, requiring an understanding of and responsibility for the environment:

  • ensuring sustainable use of the outdoor environment: monitoring locations used for environmental damage, and modifying the use of locations so as to reduce damage
  • educating participants about the natural environment and local area: promoting awareness and respect for the natural environment, and encouraging taking environmental action
  • conserving global resources: recycling waste products; using materials from sustainable sources and recycled materials, and environmentally efficient equipment
  • avoiding conflict with the local community: respecting the interests of others; complying with bylaws and access agreements; liaising with landowners, local communities and other organisations over land use; following The Countryside Code