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Guided walks planned for you
Come out walking with Goode Walks!

Goode Walks offers guided walks for individuals, businesses, and any kind of groups wanting to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors! These are tailored to suit your individual needs, and can be run anywhere in Essex, in Suffolk, Hertfordshire, East London – and generally across East Anglia, the South East of England… and anywhere you want to go walking.

If you want to get out into the countryside but don’t know how to do so safely, or exactly where to go – then Goode Walks can help, finding the ideal location and length of walk, and planning the perfect walking experience for you.

That could simply be a couple of hours, a half day or a day out walking. Or maybe you want to start walking for your health and fitness, or to boost your wellbeing and mental health. Whatever your needs, you can explore the outdoors with an experienced and knowledgeable professional, enjoying the walking experience that’s just right for you.

Event Walks

Enjoy the great outdoors by booking onto one of our Event Walks - simply turn up on the day to join the group, forget the planning and navigating as you're led by Goode Walks owner Julian Goode

Guided Walks

Your requirements form the basis of your bespoke walk - the place, the time outdoors, the type of terrain, and the things you want to see en route

Health and Fitness

A regular walking programme can help you recover from an illness or medical condition, or allow you to maintain your health and fitness levels

Wellbeing Walks

Being outdoors and connected to nature is proven to boost wellbeing, and walking can also help look after your mental health

Navigation Walks

Learn basic map and navigation skills, and put them into practice, during a short walk - giving you the confidence to go outdoors more

Multi-day Walks
Long-distance, multi-day walks, or holiday trips and itineraries can be based around camping, hostel or B&B and hotel accommodation
Seasonal Walks

Make the most of the longer summer evenings by booking a Goode Walk of a length to suit you that starts out later in the day

Corporate Walks

Find out how your business can benefit from a Goode Walk - a team building away day to boost your staff, or a bespoke NetWalking event to engage with your clients or suppliers

Walks To Do
Goode Walks
What to expect with a goode walk

Everything is taken care of to make sure your walking experience is as enjoyable as possible. Once you’ve made contact and outlined your requirements, you can book your Goode Walk knowing all will be organised and then communicated to you in fine detail ahead of your walking day.  We’ll meet up at the start point and have a pre-walk briefing… and then enjoy our leisurely time out walking together!

Route Planning

The ideal walk route is carefully picked and planned to suit your individual or group needs

Walk Outline

Detailed information on where to meet, the walk starting point, and what to expect while outdoors

Kit List

We'll advise on the right kit to wear, and the right food & drink to bring - and we'll carry some extras too

Walk Leader

All walks are personally planned from start to finish, and led on the day, by Julian Goode